Dubai. My long-time dream. Since childhood, I have watched with admiration how goes the construction in the middle of the desert, and later on the water. It fascinated me a lot and my little dream was to visit this city.
Honestly, it was a great experience. Different culture, religion, food, mega skyscrapers, and barely breathable air. :)
As always, when I booked a ticket, I had to adapt time to several factors. One of the most important was school. That's why we bought the tickets at the beginning of September. Information about weather in Dubai I knew for a long time, but one thing is to read and the other to experience. It is precisely these situations in my life that teach me not to speak until you have experienced it.

During the week when we were in Dubai the temperature was around 40 degrees. This is the first aspect you should be careful about when visiting SEA (United Arab Emirates). I recommend part of the year from November to April. Local residents told us that many Dubai residents are traveling away during the summer. There are also fewer tourists and prices are lower. This was one of the positives for us.
During the 6 days in Dubai, we had a program for every day to see as much as possible. That's how I plan almost every trip or vacation. I have an overview of what I want to see each day, and I have time for random activities.
One of the things you should experience in this country is the Arabian Desert. We bought a trip through, where more things were included, such as driving a Jeep in the desert, having a tasty traditinal dinner at a campsite in the middle of the desert, trying out their traditional clothes, henna or one of my dreams... camel ride. There are many kinds of these trips, you also have the opportunity to try sand boarding and others.
It wouldn't be Dubai without artificial islands, and we couldn't miss this part. From Dubai Marina we bought a cruise around the Palm Islands. We enjoyed the views of the only seven star hotel in the world Burj al Arab, the hotel Atlantis the Palm or Jumeirah Beach Hotel.
. People like me who admire architecture come into their own.
We have seen a lot more, the view from the tallest building in the world or Dubai Frame, you can read about it in the next article.