The 21st century will give me a little work sometimes. I mean it in terms of technologies that go forward at rocket speed. I always wonder with astonishment of the techonogical innovations that are coming to the market and I am also wondering what else can come.

Oura ring is an intelligent ring that measures your sleep and activity,
called. sleep and activity tracker.
I've been using it for more than a month, but I wanted to take the time to review it thoroughly and write down its positives and negatives.

I got used to it very quickly, it's waterproof so you can wash your hands even when it's on your finger. Oura even states that you can snorkel or dive to a certain depth.
It is very important to choose the right ring size and finger to wear it on.

Oura is a Finnish startup that was founded in 2013. The company currently has 116 employees and a number of awards for their products.
Oura ring has gone through several stages of development and its appearance has changed. It looks very elegant right now. In addition to silver and black or diamond version.

I was personally surprised by his weight. It is made of high-tech ceramic mixture Zirconia (ZrO22), so it's very light.

After more than a month of use, I am very satisfied with the product, sometimes surprised at how much information she knows about my body. The benefits include longer battery life (compared to other devices like Fitbit or Apple watch that need to be charged every day), relatively accurate measurement of values (research suggests), a clear application that explains each value to user.
Oura ring is primarily a sleep measurement device, the graphs show sleep in great detail. You will find your deep, light or rem sleep. The time you slept and got up. The resulting length of sleep, but also the time spent in bed.
Interesting features include HRV (heart rate variability), heart rate variability measurement, this device measures in great detail. It can also draw attention to an incoming disease that is recognized by body temperature.

One of the negatives would be adding sporting activity to the application, because Oura ring itself does not recognize what type of sport you are doing. Also, measurements are not 100% accurate.

In the photo gallery you can see the purchase of the ring:

Before delivering a real "Oura ring" you will first receive the so-called. sizing kit. It is a box with eight artificial rings. You choose the right size for the ring to fit perfectly. It is recommended to wear it on the ring finger or middle finger.

Then approve the size in your order. The ring should arrive within 2 weeks.

This is what the box looks like when opened. The ring is now mounted in its charger. This black charger has a usb-end cable, making it very easy and fast to charge (30-60 minutes). I personally also appreciate charging every 7 days.

I do almost all activities with the ring. He is very well trained in the gym, running or boxing. But I'm careful with boxing, I've only tried it once, I'm worried that those strong blows won't damage the ring.

The following figures show measurements from Oura. You will find very many charts here. From the steps you took that day, calories, body temperature, your sleep information, to the heart rate shown in the graphs.
Oura will also show you every day your "readiness" to the day. This is mainly due to your sleep and the activity you have done in previous days. This includes heart rate measurement, which also shifts to all measurement results.

The first picture shows the sleep when you went to bed the previous day and when you got up. The app will also create summary charts for a week or a month and suggest when you should go to sleep or get up.

According to my pounds, height or activity, Oura suggested to me my daily calorie expenditure, which sometimes changes (eg from 300 to 400 kcal a day).

In the second picture you can see your body temperature rise in a few days and Oura predicts that something is wrong with your body, probably a few days' illness. Many people have already confirmed this in reviews.

This device is especially designed for people who want to monitor the functioning of their body. It helps in exercising and improving performance, but it can also improve the overall functioning of the body.

I hope you have learned something interesting from the world of technology, you can find more information about the product on OURA website.

with love S.

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