Volám sa Simona Gumanová, mám 22 rokov a pochádzam z maličkej dedinky blízko pri Prešove. Študujem na Ekonomickej univerzite v Bratislave a zúčastnila som aj Erasmu na Technickej univerzite v Dresdene, Nemecko.

On my blog you can find a piece of my life, my hobbies, like traveling that enriches me and makes me happy. I am slowly fulfilling my travel dreams. I would like to share with you my experiences, thoughts or recommendations during my (travel) life.

My family, friends, sports, good food or laughter are an integral part of my life. I am very grateful for these things in my life.

I hope you will find here a piece that will make your day more enjoyable.

Last but not least, I must not forget to thank Marek Gogol with his help of a web construction.