The magical village of Hallstatt, which currently has 754 inhabitants, is located near the Dachstein mountains and Hallstäter See, which is up to 125 meters deep in places. Together they belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is visited by an average of 7,000 people a day, millions every year and 70% of them are Chinese visitors. Interestingly, they built their own copy of Hallstatt in a year in China, specifically in a city Kuang-tung.

In the past, this town was the seat of miners, where they mined salt. Salzberg is 1030 meters above sea level and the oldest salt mine in the world. You can reach this hill on foot (it takes 45 minutes), by rail or ferrata.

I wanted to visit this city for about 3 years, but I only managed to do it now. It is definitely worth it. 4 hours are ideal for visiting the city. We spent more in the city and slowly discovered the village.

I made a short VIDEO, I hope you will enjoy it.
Sorry for the quality that went wrong.

Hallstatt 2019

with love S.