Summer Venice is enchanting as well as winter ones. I fell in love with the city a year and a half ago when I was there for the first time in February. At that time there was snow in the city and we enjoyed the empty streets with a minimum of people, but with frozen hands and feet. This time it was different... people on the street were much more. Honestly, I expected much more. It is simply summer and people travel much more.

We visited Venice on the way to Sardinia. We were flying from Prague to Treviso. From Treviso we went with modern Italian trains to Venice. The ticket cost about 7€. The airport also offers a two-way bus ticket to Venice, but the price is 22€.

Historické Benátky ležia v severej časti Jadranského mora, v plytkej lagúne. Rozprestierajú sa na 7 kilometroch štvorcových, s nadmorskou výškou 1 m n. m. Od roku 1987 patria do svätového dedičstva UNESCO.
They are spread over 7 square kilometers, with an altitude of 1 m above sea level. m. Since 1987 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It takes 5-6 hours to visit the city. If you are in Venice, you should not miss out on such places as the popular Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, San Marco Square, which offers a beautiful view of San Giorgio Maggiore. I also recommend to visit the neighboring islands of Burano or Murano, where they do 4-5 hours 'tours'. They can be purchased directly at the port.

with love S.