One of the hits of recent months or a great tool to improve our immune system? Each of us perceives body hardening differently.
I'm sure we can all agree that body hardening is one of the great ways to stay fit and support our immune systems.

The main benefits include:
- raising the susceptibility threshold to bacterial and viral infections
- prevention of colds, flu, sore throat, high blood pressure, supports the immune and lymphatic system and many others
- amount of calories burned in a few minutes, stimulation of brown sugar activity
- reduction of rheumatic disorders
- stress reduction, production of cortisol, dopamine, adrenaline or serotonin

I started "hardening" with cold showers about 3 years ago. Honestly, I didn't dare go into the cold water in the winter months. The only time I went to the colder water were spring or autumn swimming in the sea.
We went to the lake in Slovakia for the first time in September, it was after 100 km of cycling. At that time we cooled down very pleasantly in the water…
we got hardened after we wanted to improve our immune system and do something beneficial to our body. Over time, I am very happy that we have started this activity.
To be honest, I haven't entered an ice lake yet. Maybe it's because I don't live near anyone and yet we didn't go outside the district during lockdown times. I'm looking forward to doing it. For now, I'm going to make an "angel" in the snow. :)

Finally, I want to encourage you to do beneficial things for your body, it doesn't have to be hardening, regular exercise or a varied diet is enough.
Good luck!

with love S.