Mykonos, or even the island of the wind, for me one of the pearls of Greece. The tiny island with an area of 105.2 km² is distinguished by its uniqueness, it can satisfy even the most demanding client. It is located in the Aegean Sea and is part of the Cyclades archipelago.
This island is also known as a party island, the largest party taking place near the Super Paradise beach. Almost 2 million tourists come here every year, especially the more solvent ones.

When I talked to the Greeks, they told me that this island was overpriced for an unknown reason and the price was not equal to quality. I can only agree with them. Whether it was in the case of food or services, prices are very (unnecessarily) high. I think in other countries you would get a better product at these prices.
No na druhej strane musím povedať, že ostrov je veľmi čarovný. Nádherný, celý bielo-modrý, má niečo do seba. My sme tam boli v októbri, v čase keď tam bolo minimum ľudí, more teplé, počasie taktiež. Ostrov sa vyznačuje aj silným vetrom hlavne v letných mesiacoch, čo v tých jesenných neplatí.

I recommend all ten, it was simply a paradise.
If you are going to visit this island I recommend September / October. You will not experience a crowded city, beaches or hotels. Sometimes I felt that we were alone in our hotel 🙂

Jedna zo zaujímavosti je, že maskotom ostrova je pelikán Petros (foto v galérii). Tento príbeh začal v 50. rokoch, keď ho zraneného našiel po búrke miestny rybár, po čase sa Petros zotavil a následne o pár rokov ho zrazilo auto. Miesny prežívali veľký smútok no v súčastnoti sú na ostrove až traja pelikáni a dotvárajú príjemnú atmosféru.

And finally, what in Mykonos town you can not miss.. very popular are windmills, which have been an important producer of flour and koulouri in the 19th century, Little Venice, which form picturesque colorful Italian houses with wooden balconies. There are also many historic temples and each building is white, which I have admired all the time, from the police, pharmacy, Sturbucks, church, hotel, etc. I was amazed at the wonderful atmosphere it created.

A čo na jedenie?
From the food I recommend to taste traditional Greek yoghurt, Greek salad, local pastries as well as dill cake (for me it was very tasty), moussak, kataifi, baklava (which was too sweet for me), bougats, loukoumades, halva and coffee lovers there is Greek coffee or frappe (which I also didn't like).

Don't forget to watch the video and let me know how you like 🙂

with love S.