Crystal Sea, peace, delicious food... that's Sardinia for me. An island that is surrounded by the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Sea. There are countless places to visit on this island. Alghero, Stintino, Bosa, Porto Cervo, Olbia or the capital of the island of Cagliari. The coast of Sardinia is nearly two thousand kilometers long, so the island is often called the island of thousands of beaches.

We have chosen the type of vacation on which we will travel the island. We wanted to see more. Sardinia is the largest island in the Mediterranean, so I recommend traveling with your own or rented car. I recommend the scooter for shorter distances, but prices per day are around 80 €. We arrived in Cagliari and began to discover it with its surroundings. So we moved west, where we visited beautiful beaches like: Tuerredda, Su Giudeu, Chia. I also recommend Porto Pino. After 5 days we traveled east of the island to Santa Maria Navarrese. There we planned to visit the coast of Baunei. Where to find beautiful beaches and coves like
Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritze, Cala Luna and other.

The day before the sightseeing tour we bought tickets to the Baunei coast in Santa Maria Navarrese. In the morning of the day we arrived at the port, the weather was cloudy and in the distance we saw a storm that was slowly passing and we could leave the port. The organizers assured us that the storm would pass. We boarded the 11-member crew into a smaller boat and headed for the Baunei. Along the way, the organizer of the mystery of the ship told us that the storm was moving west and we would bypass it. But the situation that I actually saw was different. With our little boat we sailed straight to the storm with strong lightning. You can see the flash in the photo gallery. In this situation, you do not know what is best to do. I asked the people who went with us on the ship if they wanted to continue their journey and didn't know to answer.
I respect my life and I know that no money will replace my health or life. Therefore, I told the Italian that I wanted to go back and I do not think it is reasonable to continue the journey. Two of the 11 people joined me. He turned the boat and we got off at the port and our crew came back to the sea.
This is my worst travel experience so far. I hope there will be as few as possible, but you always have to keep in mind that not everything is perfect. That's what life and travel are all about.

Anyway, the island is beautiful, where you will experience the true Italian atmosphere and taste delicious dishes.

I also added here a shorter video and places we visited.

with love S.